Talk about the weather

Orkney has been blessed with exceptional weather since we arrived three weeks ago, mostly sunny, dry and warm, but at all times accompanied by a breeze varying from stiff to light. Then something extraordinary happened late last evening: all the wind turbines stopped. Soon, mist began to develop in the folds of the fields opposite our cottage and we woke up this morning to a thick blanket across the island.  It is not a “Haar” – a sea fog – which is commonplace here, simply because there is still not a breath of wind to drive moisture in from the sea. …or indeed blow away the clag we have today, to reveal this…

The stunning view from “Klobister”, the place we call home at the moment


It has rained properly only once while we have been here and that was only for an hour or so on the otherwise cloudy morning that we had booked a guided tour of the fascinating hidden upper levels of St Magnus Cathedral.  More on this another time, but from the very top of the cathedral tower the view is dramatic, even in the rain:

Looking west from the top of St Magnus Cathedral tower across Broad Street, towards the “Peedie Sea” to the left of the causeway and Kirkwall Harbour to the right. The ancient shoreline was in front of the cathedral along Broad Street, so most of the buildings seen here are built on reclaimed land.  The Green below is where some of the recent Battle of Jutland ceremonies were conducted.


There is much to say about the maritime climate in Orkney which is interesting and different to that we experience in mainland Britain.  A topic for another occasion perhaps!


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