“A lonely place”

We have discovered a wonderful outdoor exhibition of oil paintings in Finstown, exhibited by the artist and most charming man Peter Roche.  Peter has donated all these works to Macmillan Cancer Support, an organisation that is guided by the belief that, ‘cancer can be the loneliest place’ – a message that features in their current advertising campaign.

All of Peter’s works take as their theme some recognisable aspect of Orkney and the concept of loneliness that it inspired in him. They are truly exceptional pieces and are on display at the Finstown car park from 20th to 25th June 2016 during the daytime, purposely exposed to the elements.

Orcadian readers of this blog, please stop by if you are passing through Finstown and have a look.  Say hello to Peter for us.

It’s a Small Island

To be fair, for most people Orkney is not a lonely place.  Just like almost any region of the country outside the crowded and busy south of England, people are outwardly friendly.  They have got time to stop and have a chat.  Orcadians are very skilled at having a chat.

What makes Orkney slightly different is its small population.  After a month staying on the island we find ourselves forever bumping into the same people all over the place.  At first we were a little embarrassed lest they felt we were stalking them, but you come to realise Orkney is like that.  It is not the place to say, “Hello again, gosh, small World!”


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